1913 1st Leichhardt Troop

1913 1st Leichhardt Troop
1913 1st Leichhardt Troop


J. Coutts D.S.M. Troop Council Troop Officials S. Aston, Q.M.
C. Henderson. S.S.M. J. Coutts, Pres. A. Hall, Trea. D. Mc Dermott, S.B.
S. Aston, Sec. H. Bolin, Ass. Sec.
Patrol Leaders Members Second’s
C. Stead N. Warton L. Wells, Hon.
H. Henderson R. Webster R. Britten
N. Warton D. Mc Dermott S. Mc Dermott, Hon.
R. Webster, Hon. P.L. W. Campbell A. Blackwell
D. McDermott, S.B. W. Scott
W. Campbell


Ambulance Signalling Poineering Bugler
1. Kangaroos 2. Stags 3. Wolves 4. Hounds
1. H. Henderson
2. R. Britten 1. N. Warton 1. C. Stead 1. W. Campbell
3. A. McDermott 2. A. Blackwell 2. S. McDermott 2. W. Scott
4. G. Stead 3. C. Scott 3. F. Adams 3. A. Hall
5. F. Rowe 4. H. Bolin 4. J. Hunt 4. A. Hanson
6. S. Barker 5. B. Garner 5. H. Whettin 5. G. Laughlin
7. C. Hufton? 6. A. Thirkettle 6. C. McDermott 6. R. Valler
8. L. Wells 7. 7. F. Church 7.
9. R. Webster 8. 8. 8.
Red Gray Red Blue Red Gold Red Yellow Black
Life Savers Kings Scouts Silver Wolves Cyclist
S. Aston S. Aston H. Henderson H. Henderson
N. Warton N. Warton N. Warton S. Aston
H. Henderson H. Henderson A. Hall
C. Stead C. Stead W. Scott
D. McDermott D. McDermott
A. Blackwell W. Scott
W. Scott R. Webster
Jan. 20 1913

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