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1st Leichhardt Wins Boree Shield 2017

The Boree Regatta (held 20th to 22nd October 2017) is a weekend for both Girl Guides  (from the Southern Sydney Rivers Regions) and Scouts (from the South Metropolitan Region). Girl Guides and Scouts participated in water activities on the Saturday and land activities on the Sunday.

Our Scouts participated in a number of events including:

  • Canoe Racing
  • Tug of War
  • ‘Carrier Pigeon’, involving building a stretcher with sticks and blanket with the patrol running holding a scout on the stretcher
  • ‘Ballista’, involving catapult building and firing
  • Rope Toss
  • ‘Hey Tosser’, involving building a fire and cooking a pancake without the use of utensils, and
  • ‘Synchronicity’, involving walking as a group on skis

A highlight of the event was the Regatta with Scouts required to construct a raft made from drums (steel or plastic) with timber frames lashed together with rope or cord.

Rafts were raced as the “Unwired” decorated theme and could be propelled by any method except by power (fuelled motor system or batteries) and attached oars or sails.

The team racing their craft could not be made up of more than 6 members. Due to rough waters the Regatta was held on land.

Our successes over this fun weekend included:

  • 1st, Over 14’s Canoe Race
  • 1st, Tug of War
  • 1st, Small Raft Construction
  • 1st, Small Raft Decoration
  • 2nd, Synchronicity
  • 2nd, Wooden Feet
  • 3rd, Carrier Pigeon
  • 3rd, Ballista

…And the coveted Boree Shield, for the maximum number of points across all competitions. This is the first time the Shield has left the Sutherland Shire, being previously won by Caringbah for the last 10 years in a row!

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