James Xaviour Coutts

Boy Scouts at Ramseys Bush 1908

It was a Sunday afternoon during December 1908. Whilst walking in Ramseys Bush I came across a strange sight. A number of boys, half in some sort of uniforms, like cowboys, camped out in a bush hut of their own construction. Having a camera with me, I lined them up and took snaps.
-J.X. Coutts

Bush Hut 1908
Bush Hut 1908. Photo: JX Coutts

This chance meeting changed his life direction to Scouting. 1st Leichhardt first Scoutmaster was A.J. Biddles, Beg Todd first Quatermaster and Alex McMillen first Patrol Leader.

These photos are the ones taken on that day.

Source: Records of 1st Leichhardt Scouts

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