1909 J.X. Coutts Joins Scouting

Baden-Powel welcomes J.X. Coutts to the Boy Scouts

The Sydney of 1909 was an ideal city of scouting; there was plenty of bushland close to every suburb. The boys of this generation knew not radio, television, aeroplanes or moving pictures, cars were only just making their appearance and boys still went to bed in the old night shirt.

Coutts Enrolment Card 1909
Coutts Enrolment Card 1909

J.X. Coutts joined in April and became leader of the Wallaroo Senior Patrol.

Coutts Outside Tent
JX Coutts Outside Tent

In June, the newly formed Newcastle patrol came on a visit to Sydney, they stayed at Leichhardt with S.M. Biddles. They also attended the first concert for Boy Scouts at the Sydney Town Hall on 7th June.

1909 Boy Scout Parade Notice
1909 Boy Scout Parade Notice

King Edward VII had taken a great interest in the Movement, and to show his appreciation of what had been done, General Baden-Powell was elevated to Knighthood during October.

The year saw the introduction of the Second Class and the first eight Proficiency badges. It was a wonderful day for the troop when the first badges were presented at Lyne Park, Rose Bay on 15th November by the Governor Sir H. Rawson.

Badges were presented to:-

V. Styles, 1st Petersham

A. McMillan, 1st Leichhardt

W. Harris, 1st Leichhardt

K. Johnstone, 1st Leichhardt

C. Walton, 1st Leichhardt

A. Dunn, 1st Leichhardt

All the above served in World War 1, the last three being killed.

Source: Records of James X Coutts, Scout Leader and District Commissioner, Leichhardt District and Records of 1st Leichhardt Scouts, from 1908 to 1938. Compiled by Allan Songberg, Regional Adviser, South Metropolitan Region.

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