1910 – 1913 Highlights

Bridge Building

1910: The decision by the Commonwealth Government to introduce compulsory cadet training for all boys over 12 years, had a crippling effect on the infant Boy Scout Movement. Overnight, it became difficult to predict the future of Scouting. Some Troops folded entirely while others dwindled to mere Patrols.

1st Leichhardt Renwick Lane off Norton St 1911
1st Leichhardt Renwick Lane off Norton St 1911. Photo: JX Coutts

1911: The 1st Leichhardt Troop moved to Renwick Lane off Norton St. in February, with a rent of two shillings and six pence weekly. West Leichhardt was formed keeping the same officers for both troops.

Boy Scout with Sugar Bag
Boy Scout with Sugar Bag. Photo: JX Coutts

In those days, the method adopted for carrying kit consisted of the boys procuring a sugar bag, loading their gear into it and carrying it on their back. Rucsacks were unknown.

1912: Chief Scout, Sir Robert Baden-Powell arrived in Sydney in May 1912. A mounted patrol formed under Les Andrews escorted Baden-Powell on a procession along George St. to Sydney Town Hall.

1913: In January, the Leichhardt, West Leichhardt and the Annandale Troops treked from Stanwell Park to Kiama, a distance of 86km. A trek-cart constructed by the Leichhardt Troop carted stores and equipment.

1st Leichhardt Trek-Cart
1st Leichhardt Trek-Cart. Photo JX Coutts

Source: Records of James X Coutts, Scout Leader and District Commissioner, Leichhardt District and Records of 1st Leichhardt Scouts, from 1908 to 1938. Compiled by Allan Songberg, Regional Adviser, South Metropolitan Region.

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